about ProPlanet

ProPlanet is since 2000 a leading company in the field of article management and product communication and also stood at the base of the current ETIM article classification. 


ProPlanet meets the needs of manufacturers and wholesalers to effectively communicate their assortment to their clients.


It is clear that ProPlanet is specializing in ICT technologies and sets as its goal to provide the most customer friendly software. ProPlanet is not only concerned with the technical attributes and superiority of their production, but also simplifies the processes for its customers and, as a conscequence of it, maximizes efficiency.

Good control on your assortment is your core business, software development isn't.


For developing the software around your assortment, you want a partner you can trust completely, with whom you can quickly switch and who understands what you're talking about. We invest in our relationships and have proven to be a solid and reliable partner, whom also brought innovation in the industry with products such as DataProcessor and SaniNet.