Your product tree preparing for publication

manage product categories

To publish selections from one file via all sorts of media was never this simple. With AutoPub an index of the assortment can be made based on selections in the database.


Furthermore the layout can be added. This way a catalog is generated that always corresponds to the selection as recorded in the internal system. The enclosed Internet Module can generate a complete website including extensive search and order functions.

high flexibility

  • Always up-to-date product information
  • Modifications change automatically in website, app and catalogs
  • Unlimited possibilities to arrange selection
  • Add text and images easily
  • Simple controls (comparable with Windows Explorer)
  • AutoPub is language and media independent

structure of the catalog

At each level, the multiple item data, images and documents can be linked together.

Index and page numbers are automatically built. AutoPub is very flexible in the compilation of catalogs.

consistent information

The consistency of information is guaranteed. If the data in the article file are correct, then this is also the case with all media to the customers.

select a product