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we build simple tools
to solve complex problems”


​​​​​​​we build simple tools ...

ProPlanet is a leading IT company in the field of data solutions and 3D technology and has specialized knowledge of search processes in combination with design and sales processes. This knowledge makes ProPlanet your ideal partner for Product Information Management Systems, Digital Asset Management and 3D solutions.


Using our abilities, remaining at the cutting edge of technical aspects and continuously improving our products ... That is how we want to develop the most user-friendly software, simplify processes for customers and achieve maximum efficiency.


a flying start ...

usability is an important principle for the development of our software. So you always make a flying start:

very user-friendly interfaces and optimal performance

intuitive operation, no course or training is required​​​​​
easy online installation and get started immediately

easy sharing ...

easy sharing (product) information is essential in our software:

automated file-transfers between systems



easily share your data with users and customers
always the same up to date information in all your systems and publications

in the cloud ...

ProPlanet software is offered as an online service (SaaS). You do not pay for the purchase, but for its use. Welcome to the cloud:

minimum investment and monthly adaptable subscriptions

your data is safe in the cloud and accessible anywhere online
using the latest version, the software is always up to date


All ProPlanet products can be purchased separately but to achieve a maximum synergy they integrateseamlessly. So we can  operate all links in the chain and create a chain integration possible between manufactures, wholesaler's and retailer. ProPlanet products are already very flexible, but we can, where needed, deliver tailor-made solutions for specific needs.​​​​


plaat samenhang


Product Information Management

Managing big data of product information, especially in an online environment is a huge challenge for many organizations. Storage and management of product information is not yet systematically arranged by many organizations. PIM solutions, sometimes also called Product Master Data Management, provide you the possibility to store all information accurate and up-to-date, resulting in a single version of the truth.


Product Information Management originates at the producers'. The objective is that all following links in the in the chain can take over this information and enrich it with their own specific information. The Product Information Management System of ProPlanet makes this form of chain integration possible. With DataProcessor TJ the product file is structured, enriched and classified in such a way that you have the ideal base for catalogues, online search engines and logistic systems.



plaat import_enrich_publish



  DataProcessor TJ is the core of the Product Information management System
  is fully equipped to classify articles according to the ETIM classification, including ETIM dynamic classification and ETIM MC
  supports all national and international standards in the field of article information exchange. Exports in PAB and BMEcat are included in the Standard version
  is suitable for small as well as very large product files and furthermore applicable in all chains of the distribution channel
  is language independent and can be linked directly with several back-office systems


Are you curious about DataProcessor TJ?   



Want to know more about Dataprocessor TJ? Visit www.dataprocessor.nl,

sent your E-mail to salespim@proplanet.nl or call us+31(0)73 513 06 37.





design in 3D


plaat SaniNet





SaniNet Easy offers the quickest and easiest route to 3d bathroom design

SaniNet Easy is specially developed for bathroom showrooms, installers with or without showrooms and home interior designers.You quickly create a design with your customer.Interaction with the customer comes first and offers you cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. With SaniNet Easy you can turn your visitors into buyers.Send the bathroom design to your customers to view at home in High Definition on all devices: pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


SaniNet Viewer and SaniNer Viewer App: Experience the bathroom design in Virtual Reality

Experience the bathroom design in Virtual Reality with the SaniNet Viewer App and smartphone VR goggles. The SaniNet Viewer app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.




plaat logos_appstores



Want to know more about SaniNet? Visit us at www.saninet.eu, sent your

E-mail to sales@saninet.eu or call us +31(0)73 631 46 89.



Digital Asset Management

"EezyBridge provides a single system to store, search and distribute assets.

That makes it a lot easier to manage them well and provides opportunities to use them more effectively"



Getting attention for your company, brand and products is more and more complicated because of the explosive growth of the (mobile) internet and the constant increase in the diversity of media.  All digital files that contribute to get and maintain the attention of your target audience are important assets you want to manage effectively. EezyBridge is ProPlanet's Digital Asset Management System. 



Assets that are quickly found, can be used more effectively.

browse collections or search across hierarchical folders

minimize the number of search results by filtering on type of asset, collection, tag(s), format, size and / or uploader

make smart selections by combining filters

​​​​​​​add tags to selections, for example for campaigns or specific applications




Want to know more about EezyBridge? Visit us at www.eezybridge.com, sent your E-mail to info@eezybridge.com or call us +31 (0)73 513 06 37.













always in development

The ICT world is constantly on the move and new (technological) developments follow each other rapidly. New insights lead to new customer needs and new developments make optimization of the user experience possible. The developers of ProPlanet follow these developments closely and if they are relevant we apply them in our products.


In regular sprints, new features are added to our products. If you use our software as an online service (SaaS), you always have access to the latest version(s). The latest added new features:




  • DataProcessor TJ

    DataProcessor TJ

  • add tiles to favorites

    add tiles to favorites

  • EezyBridge


  • DataProcessor TJ
  • add tiles to favorites
  • EezyBridge

​​​​​what's new


February 23, 2021


Follow the tutorial in the ProPlanet Academy!


Learn now how to use multilingual fields in DataProcessor


Navigate to your settings and activate one or more languages so you can manage all multilingual fields. By using this new functionality you can import and export information in different languages...




May 19, 2020


Introducing Wayne Jarvis


Starting today as Business Developer for the UK, Wayne Jarvis will be building relationships with UK Distributors, Suppliers and Manufactures in the Electrical industry.


Working closely with the Sales and Systems Development teams in NL, he will help UK businesses to get their Product Information management in order and thus boost their e-commerce.




February 10, 2020


ProPlanet part of the Dimensys Group


We are proud to announce that a share transfer has recently taken place, making ProPlanet part of the Dimensys Group.
The business activities of Dimensys and ProPlanet are complementary. Both boards of directors see, besides the obvious synergy advantages in the area of sales, marketing and back office, especially possibilities to realise the exchange of expertise and skills. 




Do you want to know more about Dimensys? Then go to www.dimensys.pro