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Data pool for the installation industry

A data pool provides one central source of e-commerce-friendly, high-quality product data, where manufacturers provide product information in a uniform manner and wholesalers retrieve high-quality data. 2BA is the neutral data pool of trade and product data in the installation sector. At 2BA you will find millions of technical products within one central article database, a data pool. As a result, the entire installation chain is always assured of current product and trade information product


Advantages of the 2BA data pool

  • As a manufacturer, you provide complete product information to your customers and increase the findability of your products
  • As a wholesaler you receive high-quality article information from producers and you only have to add trade information. By distributing information via 2BA, you are 'in control' over the article and price information at your customers and its findability (ecommerce).
  • As an installer, you have product, price and stock information immediately available to calculate efficiently and purchase materials at a competitive price.

2BA is a neutral data pool for the exchange of product data between supplier and customer based on the international ETIM standards. The product data of the manufacturer, importer and/or agent are therefore checked and classified herein. And where applicable, this data is linked to additional trade information, as supplied by the wholesaler. This includes price information, packaging units and logistics data such as packaging form, weight and dimensions.


How do you provide product information to 2BA?
Data pools offer various advantages for manufacturers, wholesalers and installers. Sharing qualitative product information with a data pool requires considerable effort from manufacturers. In addition to keeping product information complete and up-to-date, ETIM features are added and the information is classified in a uniform manner. The information must be submitted to 2BA in one of the XML file formats: DICO (formerly SALES005), INSBOU004 or one of the BMEcat versions.


In order to be able to classify products correctly and to add the correct ETIM characteristics, more and more manufacturers are using so-called Product Information Management (PIM) software. To simplify this process, save time and reduce the chance of error, ProPlanet has developed DataProcessor.


How do you request product information via 2BA?

Product information can be read by installation and assembly companies from the 2BA data pool into ERP and PIM systems that provide this functionality. It is possible to read data via periodic downloads or real-time via the 2BA Unifeed search engine or web services of the ERP or PIM system.


Easily manage product information with DataProcessor

To simplify the delivery and retrieval of article data from and to 2BA, ProPlanet offers DataProcessor. DataProcessor is a Product Information Management (PIM) system, with which article data is easily imported, enriched, classified and published. Publication can take place in a data pool, but also in a webshop. A simple wizard helps product information managers to ETIM classify the data in order to deliver it perfectly standardized to 2BA.


Are you curious about the possibilities of DataProcessor TJ for supplying article data to GS1 Data Source? Send an email to info@dataprocessor.nl. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities.