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5 Advantages of a Data Pool with PIM

February 10, 2021

High quality product information is the force that drives successful online strategies. Data pools store all relevant product information in one location. Manufacturers and wholesalers utilize these to easily add rich product information to their online stores and e-commerce solutions. A PIM system further increases the efficacy of a data pool. How? Here are 5 ways in which PIM improves the value of data pools.

Industry and purchasing organisations streamline the exchange of product information between manufacturers and wholesalers using data pools. A data pool offers one central source of e-commerce-friendly, high-quality product data, where manufacturers provide product information in a uniform manner and wholesalers extract high-quality data. Read more information about data pools.

1. Share product information with multiple wholesalers

Authorized wholesalers can access the information in a data pool at any time. All they need to do is set up their data exchange format to the specification of the pool. A PIM system expands the possibilities. It can automatically convert raw data to a wholesalers requirements. This allows you to store data in de the data pool in any format you desire. The PIM system translates it into virtually every common format according to need. Data requirements are saved for individual wholesalers and applied automatically during transfer.

2. Guarantee up-to-date product information

A data pool can be set up to exchange product information on a daily basis through a fixed feed. This allows you to regularly update catalogs of all connected online stores and wholesale B2B e-commerce solutions. Through this set-up the data in the PIM system is mirrored across all points of sale, ensuring product information stays up-to-date. All data is maintained from one point of entry (i.e. the PIM system). This reduces the risk of error and makes it easier to correct and update relevant data.

3. Deliver high quality product information

The higher the quality of data, the better the chances of a successful sale. Relevant, well maintained product information is crucial to wholesalers. Data pools like EDATA and LUCKINSlive in the UK and 2BA in The Netherlands place high demands on product information supplied by the manufacturer. Using a standard classification system like ETIM guarantees these quality standards are met. A PIM system offers the best way to properly enter product information thus ensuring compliancy.

4. Easily exchange media files

Adding images, instruction videos and certificates to product information adds a rich layer of extra data. Sharing these very large files with a data pool can be difficult. You need to keep track of multiple files associated with a specific product. A PIM system makes a real difference when it comes to maintaining these datasets. It allows you to associate any number of media files with a specific product. This information is added during export to a data pool ensuring both product information and media files are always up-to-date.

5. A dedicated PIM reduces cost

Not all organizations require a full featured PIM system for their day to day operations. For those operating within a limited scope the ROI on PIM can be difficult to establish. In these cases a dedicated PIM system offers a solution. These systems limit themselves to a specific data pool. This enabled organizations to deliver rich product data without investing in a full featured PIM system.

High quality product information drives online sales. Combining a PIM system with a data pool improves the quality of product information and eases distribution of it. ProPlanet offers both a full featured PIM system DataProcessor TJ and a dedicated variant for manufacturers working with the EDATA data pool.

Are you curious about PIM system DataProcessorTJ? Request a demo or send an email to wayne.jarvis@proplanet.uk.

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