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ProPlanet timeline



ETIM is established

ETIM classifies products based on product characteristics and is the standard in the construction and installation branche for exchanging  article data. The founders of ProPlanet are co-founders of the ETIM article classification.

ProPlanet is established

ProPlanet is founded to meet the needs of manufacturers and wholesalers to purposefully communicate the assortment to customers by means of software. For more informartion visit www.proplanet.nl



introduction DataProcessor

ProPlanet proves itself with DataProcessor as a specialist in the field of Product Information Management. The article information is imported in DataProcessor and then (ETIM) classified and enriched to make it accessible for both online and offline publication.

acquisition SaniView

Sciento earned a reputation in the sanitary sector as one of the first suppliers of 3D bathroom planners. With the take-over of SaniView Proplanet laid the foundation of the development of SaniNet. For more information visit www.saninet.nl



SaniNet wins VSk-award

The VSK Award is awarded every two years. ProPlanet wins the award with SaniNet in the category ICT because of the especially innovative and qualitative contribution to the installation branch.

ProPlanet earns Graydon-award

Only 3% of all Dutch companies comply with the strict conditions of Graydon to be able to call itself 'financially sound'. The Graydon award shows that ProPlanet is financially healthy and relations can responsibly do business with us.



introduction DataProcessor TJ

ProPlanet Introduces DataProcessor TJ: all basic functionalities of the trusted DataProcessor but cloud-based and greatly improved usability wise. DataProcessor TJ is offered as a subscription for a fixed price can be extended modularly. For more information visit www.dataprocessor.com

introduction SaniNet Viewer en VR-module

SaniNet Easy gets a new Viewer with VR module for ultimate experience of the bathroom design. The Viewer shows bathroom designs in HD quality or in Virtual Reality (with VR glasses). Customers view their design with the Viewer app in HD or VR (with smartphone VR glasses). For more information visit www.saninet.nl


Moving to a new office2019

introduction EezyBridge

ProPlanet presents EezyBridge: one system to save, maintain, modify and distribute digital assets. in EezyBridge assets cabn be found fast, are accessible everywhere and can be shared easily. Assets from EezyBridge can be linked to the article information in DataProcessor. Look for more information www.eezybridge.com

After about 15 years at the Rijnstraat, it is time for a new and fresh office. ProPlanet will remain in 's-Hertogenbosch, but moves to the new adress, Europalaan 12. Our new, fresh, modernlooking office is located on the first floor of the Dimensys building, overlooking the A2 motorway.


ProPlanet part of the Dimensys Holding

A share transfer took place in December, making ProPlanet part of the Dimensys Holding. In practice, ProPlanet continues to operate in the market as an independent brand and organization. ProPlanet's business activities, products and brands are continued as before, but with more opportunities to professionalise and independent growth.

by ProPlanet ...

About us

Since 2000, ProPlanet is a leading IT company in the field of data solutions and 3D technology and has specialized knowledge of search processes in combination with design and sales processes. This knowledge makes ProPlanet your ideal partner for Product Information Management Systems, Digital Asset Management and 3D solutions.

Using our abilities, remaining at the cutting edge of technical aspects and continuously improving our products ... That is how we want to develop the most user-friendly software, simplify processes for customers and achieve maximum efficiency.


a flying start ...

Usability is an important principle for the development of our software. So you always make a flying start:

very user-friendly interfaces and optimal performance​​​​​​​

intuitive operation, no course or training is required

easy online installation and get started immediately

easy  sharing ...

easy sharing (product) information is essential in our software:

automated file-transfers between systems

easily share your data with users and customers
always the same up to date information in all your systems and publications 

in the cloud ...

ProPlanet software is offered as an online service (SaaS). You do not pay for the purchase, but for its use. Welcome to the cloud:

minimum investment and monthly adaptable subscriptions

your data is safe in the cloud and accessible anywhere online​​​​​​​

using the latest version, the software is always up to date


Good control over your assortment is your core business, software development is not. When you outsource the software development around your product range, you want a partner that allows you to switch quickly and understand what you are talking about. We invest in our relationships and have proven to be a solid and reliable partner.

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