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No more time, fuel or materials wasted on unwanted orders

February 14, 2022

Cut your carbon footprint and reduce product returns at the same time with a Product Information Management system!

We all know that managing product returns costs time and money. But have you considered the impact on your carbon footprint? Implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) system could help your business cut carbon emissions and boost your bottom line. Let’s take a look.

How to reduce your carbon footprint?

Whilst working on a recent PIM project with some builders’ merchants, we discussed the volume of product returns they were managing. Many of these were down to missing or inaccurate product details on their eCommerce platforms, with customers purchasing the wrong products as a result. These items then had to be returned and refunded.

For each return, that meant two journeys to deliver and collect the unwanted goods and, in many cases, having to repackage the item so it could be resold. Not great news for the environment! Sometimes, the original customer was also lost as they decided to shop elsewhere, leaving the business even more out of pocket.

A way to reduce your carbon footprint

Situations like this can easily be avoided by having full, correct product details available to the customer in the first place. As the name suggests, this is exactly what a Product Information Management system does.

A PIM makes it quick and easy for you to stay in control of your product ranges, and for customers to find what they want first time, every time. That means no more time, fuel or materials wasted on unwanted orders, no more lost sales and no more disgruntled customers.

What are the benefits of a PIM system?

With a PIM system, there’s a clear Return on Investment when it comes to driving revenues and customer satisfaction up, and carbon emissions down. It’s a genuine win-win – not least because many customers now actively seek to work with businesses that take steps to cut their carbon footprints. These are benefits that are often overlooked, but which can have significant effects on your productivity, profit margins, environment impact and reputation.

Yes, a PIM platform is an investment that costs money. But some PIM solutions don't cost the earth – and can even contribute to saving it!


Are you thinking of implementing a PIM? Proplanet PIM solutions are fully scalable, and quick and easy to set up. Get in touch today for an informal chat – call me on +44 7398 927 304 or email james.whateley@proplanet.uk.


About the author

As the UK Sales Consultant, James Whateley has joined the team to gain new customers and increase the UK client base. He has recently worked on a large PIM implementation, which was developed in-house for a builder’s merchant buying group and also has experience of using the Proplanet PIM systems and tools. James has an IT systems background and brings this to the role to compliment his PIM knowledge and experience.

Feel free to contact James via james.whateley@proplanet.uk or +44 7398 927304