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​​​​​​​How to automatically generate product descriptions ​​​​​​​for your online shop?

February 24, 2021

The success of a webshop stands or falls with good product descriptions. The statistics do not lie. Customers want to know what they are buying before they buy. Is a good description missing, or are the specifications not in order? If so, they drop out. And then we haven't mentioned the effect of good descriptions on the search results. But how are you going to realise this if - grab it - there are 235,845 items in your shop?

For a wholesaler it goes without saying to invest in a Product Information System (PIM), for example DataprocessorTJ. There are no better ways to manage a wide range of articles. Within PIM you register ETIM characteristics, price information and logistic data, among other things. With a daily feed, you ensure that what the webshop shows in this area corresponds to reality. This feed is often also used to supply product descriptions.

Quality and readability determine the success of webshops

From a management perspective, you've managed things so well. But from the customer's point of view, this approach is not sufficient. Descriptions in the daily feed that come directly from the manufacturer differ (to put it mildly) enormously in quality and readability. A missed opportunity. It is precisely these texts that determine the success of your webshop.

PIM helps make product descriptions attractive

Does it seem impossible to produce high-quality product descriptions (in three languages) for 235,845 articles? It is not. Your PIM system contains all the ingredients you need to create findable and attractive product descriptions. Frequently searched for and language-independent keywords such as article number, brand, series and type are included. Although specific product features are language-dependent, they can be stored in several languages within PIM.

This increases your findability and sales opportunities

Good product descriptions are necessary to be found by search engines. Moreover, they help customers to purchase more quickly. A high-quality product description consists of:

  Attractive text in the right language;

  Good and relevant keywords;

  All product specifications.

An automatic text generator works faster and better

PIM contains everything needed to make a good description. The trick is to use it too. It can serve as a basis for typing texts (or having them typed). But an automatic text generator for PIM works faster and better. It compiles product descriptions based on characteristics in the PIM database. You do not have to create descriptions for all the individual articles. Instead, you indicate once which characteristics a description should contain.

You make one-off definitions, the software does the rest.

All articles are subdivided within the ETIM classification into article classes, each with its own set of unique features. An automatic text generator compiles descriptions based on product characteristics defined for each class. You create the definitions for each class once and the software does the rest. Because language-dependent components within the ETIM classification are defined separately, you can even have the descriptions generated in several languages.

Increase your sales opportunities with automatically generated texts

Automatically generated texts can be used in all synchronisations and import routines of the PIM system. This also includes the feed to web shops. With a relatively simple expansion, PIM is thus not only indispensable for wholesale logistics and management, but also to increase the sales opportunities of connected webshops.

Are you curious about the possibilities of the text generator module for PIM system Dataprocessor TJ? Send an e-mail to wayne.jarvis@proplanet.uk. He will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

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