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​​​​​​​How to improve sales and resolve ETIM & CCPI data worries?

April 22, 2021


Distributors need rich product data to function in a B2B e-commerce environment. The onus is on manufacturers to add information about subjects like logistics, pricing, and warehousing (to name a few). The impulse to ‘just use Excel’ is understandable. But moving to a PIM solution also reduces overhead and errors whilst simultaneously preparing you for BIM and the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI).


PIM stands for Product Information Management. It helps wholesalers, merchants, retailers and manufactures maintain high quality, standardised product information. ProPlanet is the solution provider for the EDATA Platform and an affiliate solutions provider for EDA. Our PIM solution: DataProcessor TJ fully supports ETIM (Dynamic/MC), UNSPSC and GS1 DIY classifications. It seamlessly integrates with ERP-systems, eCommerce platforms and EDATA.


Growing interest in ETIM MC for BIM

As manufacturers adopt ETIM, there is a growing interest in ETIM MC (Modelling Class). This adds consistent 3D information on electrical and mechanical installations to ETIM. Construction companies using BIM (Building Information Modelling) can utilise the 3D information provided by ETIM MC. DataProcessorTJ has been supporting ETIM MC classification for years.


Meet CCPI with minimal effort

Manufacturers wishing to prepare for the Code for Construction Product Information should consider switching to PIM. CCPI will require all construction product manufacturers to provide information that passes five so called ‘acid tests’. By registering the properties of all products in a reliable and up-to-date system these requirements can be met with minimal effort.


Ditch Excel and switch to PIM

Ditching Excel and switching to PIM helps manufacturers provide reliable data to the construction supply chain. Use DataProcessorTJ to meet this demand and prepare the company for the future. ETIM MC supports cooperation through BIM and a properly set up PIM eases compliance to the CCPI.


More information

If you want to know more about ETIM, CCPI or PIM, visit www.dataprocessor.nl/en. Or request a DataProcessorTJ demo by emailing wayne.jarvis@proplanet.uk.