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Data pool for the installation industry

A data pool provides one central source of e-commerce-friendly, high-quality product data, where manufacturers provide product information in a uniform manner and wholesalers export high-quality data. InstallData contains current product and trade data of participating manufacturers from the installation industry.


The product data is classified according to ETIM and where possible is provided with technical characteristics and digital assets. In this way, all parties have the most complete and up-to-date product information and manufacturers and wholesalers have control over the information of their products.


Exchange article data with InstallData

InstallData is a neutral data pool for the exchange of product data between supplier and customer based on the international ETIM standards. The product data of the manufacturer, importer and/or agent are therefore checked and classified herein. Where applicable, this data is linked to additional trade information, as provided by the wholesaler. This includes price information, packaging units and logistics data such as packaging form, weight and dimensions.


The ETIM classified product information is delivered to 2BA in one of the file formats: SALES (successor to INSBOU), INSBOU, PAB2, BMEcat, AttachmentIndex or Link table.


The data can be uploaded to 2BA in the file formats INSBOU, PAB2, AttachmentIndex and Link Table.


Easily manage product information with DataProcessor

In order to be able to classify products correctly and to add the correct ETIM characteristics, more and more manufacturers are using so-called Product Information Management (PIM) software. As a software partner of InstallData, ProPlanet DataProcessor has developed TJ to simplify the exchange of article data with the InstallData product database.


Capabilities of DataProcessor TJ:

  • Data both import and export​​​​​​​
  • Apply filters to make a selection of the article file​​​​​​​
  • Import and export in any InstallData format
  • ​​​​​​​Schedule automatic imports and exports

Get started right away

DataProcessor TJ is offered as an online service. Thanks to the user-friendly interfaces, optimal performance and easy online installation, you can get started right away. Do you need help with the implementation Or would you rather outsource the installation? Our experienced helpdesk employees are happy to help you and, if desired, we can also set up DataProcessor TJ for you.


Of course we'd like to tell you more about exchanging data via InstallData and also about the possibilities that DataProcessor TJ offers in this context. Better yet, let's let the software prove itself. Contact us for a demonstration of DataProcessor TJ with your own article data.