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Making product data exchange simple with DataProcessorTJ


September 15, 2021


In today’s fast-moving world, there’s a bigger focus than ever in the manufacturing sector on digitalization and the digital transformation of standalone, offline processes to integrated, cloud-based systems. However, managing large amounts of complex product data in an online environment can be a huge challenge for many organizations.


So, how do manufacturers go about making the jump from using spreadsheets or other standalone solutions to having the ability to use the European Technical Information Model (ETIM) and to share or export data to data pools such as EDATA and LUCKINSlive, as well as wholesalers and online distributors?


ProPlanet has the solution

ProPlanet is a leading ICT company specializing in data solutions, 3D technology and data transformation consultancy. Key solutions include DataProcessor TJ for Product Information Management and EezyBridge for Digital Asset Management.


ProPlanet's DataProcessorTJ is a proven PIM solution that's 100% B2B focused. This sets it apart from other PIM solutions derived from the retail sector, which tend to be B2C oriented. DataProcessorTJ is a flexible and powerful solution that can be configured to meet your precise PIM needs. The central cloud-based system enables you to easily import, manage, enrich and share product information throughout the supply chain.


Manufacturers using DataProcessorTJ have the ability to quickly and easily upload dynamic data and digital assets, including pricing, to both EDATA and LUCKINSlive, thanks to our integration partnerships with these platforms.


Other key features of DataProcessorTJ

  •  Fully equipped to classify products in line with ETIM
  •  Supports all national and international data exchange standards
  •  Suitable for both large and small product portfolios
  •  Integrates directly to many back-office systems




Why choose DataProcessor TJ?

  •  Easy to import, classify and export your product data
  •  User-friendly interface with reliable performance
  •  One central, convenient data source for managing your product information
  •  Operates in the cloud and can be accessed from any web browser


Visit our website to find out more about the benefits of choosing DataProcessor TJ.


A global client base

ProPlanet's DataProcessorTJ clients are wide-ranging across Europe and the UK, and include familiar names such as ABB, Philips, Schneider Electric, Legrand, Rexel, Yesss electrical and James Hargreaves Plumbing, to name a few. ProPlanet is also the solutions provider for the EDATA platform used by the Electrical Distribution Association (EDA).


ProPlanet in the UK

As Business Developer for ProPlanet, I work with distributors, suppliers and manufacturers in the electrotechnical, building materials, HVAC and plumbing sectors in the UK to improve their Product Information Management systems and boost their e-commerce performance.

Having worked for high profile companies across UK and Europe in sectors including electrical, building supplies, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, I bring a wealth of industry experience to benefit ProPlanet’s clients.

I’m always keen to share my many years of expertise in realizing digital and omnichannel publishing solutions. Projects range from implementing Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Master Data Management (MDM) software, to creating product catalogues and web shops.


Find out more

For more information on PIM and DAM solutions or ETIM, or if you’d like to discuss your product information requirements and how to get your data in one place, please contact me. You can email me at wayne.jarvis@proplanet.uk or call +44 (0)748 540 3918.




About the author

As PIM Expert and Business Developer, Wayne Jarvis builds relationships with UK Distributors, Suppliers and Manufactures in the Electrical industry. He helps them to get their Product Information management in order and boost their e-commerce. Having worked for high profile companies, across Europe in sectors like Electrical, Building Supplies, Health Care and Pharmaceuticals, Wayne brings a wealth of industry experience to customers. 

Feel free to contact Wayne via wayne.jarvis@proplanet.uk or +44 (0)748 540 3918.