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12 April 2018

Work online inin DataProcessor TJ

The product data in DataProcessor TJ is now also accessible online via almost all common browsers.Sharing article data with partners in the chain has never been easier. installation of the software is not necessary. Give partners restricted access to the database in DataProcessor TJ via a secure login. They log in online and immediately add their article information online to the database. So no hassle with exchanging files and you all use the same classification.

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19 March 2018


EDA (Electrical Distributors Association) represents the electrotechnical wholesalers in the United Kingdom. The EDA members together account for about 80% of the industry. On the ETIM UK website, EDA's David Bates (Project Manager ETIM UK) explains the differences between the systems for managing product data (PIM, DAM and MAM) and how they work together. To illustrate his explanation, he refers to the connection between EezyBridge (DAM) and DataProcessor TJ (PIM).

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26 February 2018

DataProcessor TJ supports GS1 DIY

GS1 Nederland offers a central source to exchange article data in the DIY sector among other things.

In GS1 Data Source, the supplier records product data of her articles in a standardised way so customers have access to this.
Besides the ETIM and UNSPSC classifications, the GS1 DIY standard is also supported in DataProcessor TJ.

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14 February 2018

DataProcessor TJ ready for FESAH-data

FESAH looks after the interests of wholesalers in bathroom fixtures and heating techniques in Belgium. FESAH is partly started to streamline the exchange of article information in the branch. Via the FESAH datapool wholesalers and manufacturers can exchange classified and enriched article information. The article information delivered via this FESAH datapool can be imported and exported by default in DataProcessor TJ.

For more information please contact us via salespim@proplanet.nl or

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8 February 2018

The tile libraries are on by default

Users of the professional version of SaniNet Easy can use the special tile brand library. Previously the brand library had to be activated in account settings.

To make it easier for users we have changed this and activated the brand library. Don't want to use the tile brand library? Log in on www.saninet.eu, go to account and deativate the tile brand library.

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29 January 2018


Assign user rights

It is not new that different rights can be assigned to different users in EezyBridge. But now different rights per user can be assigned for each collection seperately.
This comes in handy when for example different users work for different product lines. Furthermore the number of shown assets per user is limited which makes the visual search easier.

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25 January 2018

Try SaniNet 1 week for free

Professional sanitary fittings specialists can try SaniNet 1 week for free. With the SaniNet Demo you have 1 week access to the SaniNet Profesional version for free, on 1 IP address. After 1 week your SaniNet account will automatically end. Would you like to keep using SaniNet after the trial period? Convert your demo version before the end of the trial period to a subscription, your data and bathroom designs will be saved.

Attention: the demo version is only available for business users.

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18 January 2018

ETIM: dynamic publication

With the dynamic publication ETIM meets the needs of the market for more flexibility in the classification. By anticipating on the next official publication a fast respons to new developments is created. ETIM Nederland exports a new dynamic publication file every day with the up until then adjusted or new classes.
DataProcessor TJ supports the dynamic ETIM classification, via the scheduler users can set their own processing frequency.

Check www.ketenstandaard.nl to find more information about the ETIM dynamic publication.


7 January 2018

Try EezyBridge 2 weeks for free

EezyBridge offers 1 system to search, modify, use, and share digital assets.Would you like to try EezyBridge? Request your demo version now.The demo version gives 1 user the right to use the basic version of EezyBridge up to 1 GB storage capacity. After 2 weeks your assets and data will be automatically deleted.

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12 December 2017

New in EezyBridge: FTP-client

With an FTP client (File Transfer Protocol) you connect to an FTP-server, which enables you to receive files from that server and send files to that server.
With the FTP client in EezyBridge you can upload your assets directly and safely from your own browser. Especially when you upload a large amount of assets this comes in very handy and moreover much faster.

For more information please contact us via sales@eezybridge.com or

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12 December 2017


View a bathroom design in VR

Virtual Reality offers a digitally simulated and animated reality. To step into the virtual world you use special VR glasses. With SaniNet Viewer and the SaniNet Viewer App you can view and experience an in SaniNet made 3D bathroom design in Virtual Reality. With the Oculus Rift of HTC Vive VR glasses or with your own smartphone and smartphone VR glasses.

For more information please contact us via saninet@proplanet.nl or

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