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ProPlanet introduces a new product: DataProcessor Lite

March 26, 2019


"We build simple tools to solve complex problems". This quote certainly applies to Dataprocessor Lite, the newest product from ProPlanet. Data processor Lite was specially developed for manufacturers who use the Excel tools to supply article data to 2ba. In 2 steps, the PIM system DataProcessor Lite, converts article data from Excel into an article file that you can deliver to 2ba. 


From 2020, the Excel tools are no longer supported by 2BA. 2BA notes that, due to the growing need for data from the industry, spreadsheets are no longer sufficient to manage valuable article information. 2BA therefore calls on data suppliers to switch to a Product Information Management System (PIM). With a PIM system you can manage article information in a structured and orderly manner and prepare it for communication. DataProcessor, the PIM system by ProPlanet, is built on more than 20 years of PIM experience and therefore more than meets all qualifications that 2BA places on a PIM system.


DataProcessor Lite
Switching from an Excel spreadsheet to a PIM system is usually complicated and expensive and often requires an investment in data quality. Therefore it is only logical that many producers are reluctant to switch to a PIM system. Notice that 2BA has even organized a special event to inform data suppliers about the transition to a PIM system. To meet these data suppliers, we have developed a Lite version of DataProcessor in which the focus is on quick and easy delivery to 2ba, but which also includes the most important functions of the PIM system.


Remark: DataProcessor Lite is currently only available in a Dutch version.