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a design in 3D in 5 steps

SaniNet Easy is specially developed for bathroom showrooms, installers with or without showrooms and home interior designers.

Based on video game technology you can design a bathroom within minutesdesign a bathroom within minutes.


choose shape ...


furnish ...


tile ...


view in 3D ...


dimensioning ...

try out SaniNet for one week for free?

Professional bathroom specialists can try out SaniNet for one week for free. With the SaniNet Demo, you can use  the Professional version of SaniNet for one week, free of charge.

After one week, your SaniNet account will automatically be terminated. Wish to continue using SaniNet after the trial? Subscribe before the end of the trial and your data and model bathrooms remain stored. Note: The Demo is only available for business users.
Click here here to request the demo version.

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Visit us at www.saninet.eu, sent an e-mail to sales@proplanet.nl or call +31(0)73 631 46 89.

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8 February 2018

The tile libraries are on by default

Users of the professional version of SaniNet Easy can use the special tile brand library. Previously the brand library had to be activated in account settings.
To make it easier for users we have changed this and activated the brand library. Don't want to use the tile brand library? Log in on www.saninet.eu, go to account and deativate the tile brand library.

For more information please contact us via saninet@proplanet.nl or +31(0)73 6314689

7 January 2018

Try SaniNet 1 week for free

Professional sanitary fittings specialists can try SaniNet 1 week for free. With the SaniNet Demo you have 1 week access to the SaniNet Profesional version for free, on 1 IP address. After 1 week your SaniNet account will automatically end. Would you like to keep using SaniNet after the trial period? Convert your demo version before the end of the trial period to a subscription, your data and bathroom designs will be saved.

Attention: the demo version is only available for business users.

Request your free demo here.


12 December 2017

View a bathroom design in VR

irtual Reality offers a digitally simulated and animated reality. To step into the virtual world you use special VR glasses.
With SaniNet Viewer and the SaniNet Viewer App you can view and experience an in SaniNet made 3D bathroom design in Virtual Reality. With the Oculus Rift of HTC Vive VR glasses or with your own smartphone and smartphone VR glasses.

Curious about the possibilities? For more information please contact us via sales@proplanet.nl or +31(0)73 6314689