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Sell online? Have you considered the importance of up to date, fully-enriched product info?

February 22, 2022


If not, you should… because your customers won’t buy your products without it! Let’s look at a case in point.


The importance of product dataHave you ever found what looked like the perfect product online? But when you looked more closely, there were few or no product details such as features, attributes, logistical info, data sheets, images, videos and so on? If so, did you then go on to buy the product?


I’d be willing to bet the answer is ‘No.’ And that’s because you didn’t have enough information at your fingertips to make that all-important purchasing decision. And if you then went on to find a different product from a competitor that had useful, detailed and up to date information, you probably went ahead and bought that one.




Where product data fits into the e-commerce buyer's journey

The buyer's journey a customer follows online is simple enough, as shown below. However, if the customer isn’t given enough (or any) information at the critical Consideration stage, how can you expect them to move on to make the purchase?

This is where the importance of product data comes in. When a prospective customer is searching for items online, the quality and quantity of the product data provided will ‘make or break’ their decision to either proceed to the Decision stage and make the purchase or click away.


Other key benefits of fully-enriched product data

As a product manufacturer or seller, there are many other financial benefits associated with having or providing full product details across all your distribution channels. These include:


  • Fewer product returns – people buy the right item the first time.
  • Reduced product queries – customers already have the information they need.
  • Enhanced user experience – it’s easier for customers to find and view what they want online, especially with functions such as Filter and Search.
  • Higher revenues and lower acquisition costs – customers who have a great experience will keep coming back.
  • Improved reputation – when happy customers move to the Post-Purchase stage, they will spread the word and also leave great reviews.



How a Proplanet Product Information Management system (PIM) can help

A Proplanet PIM solution gives you full control of how you manage and share your enriched product data across all your distribution channels dynamically – meaning all your product details are up to date as soon as any changes are made.


There are many benefits to choosing a Proplanet PIM, including:


  • It’s easy to import, classify and export your product data.

  • A user-friendly interface with reliable performance.

  • One central, convenient data source for managing your product information.

  • Operates in the cloud and can be accessed from any web browser.

  • Suitable for both large and small product portfolios.

  • Integrates directly with many back-office systems.


Like to know more? Get in touch today!

For more information, or to arrange a free demo of the Proplanet PIM, please email me at james.whateley@proplanet.uk or give me a call on +44 7398 927304.



About the author


As the UK Sales Consultant, James Whateley has joined the team to gain new customers and increase the UK client base. He has recently worked on a large PIM implementation, which was developed in-house for a builder’s merchant buying group and also has experience of using the Proplanet PIM systems and tools. James has an IT systems background and brings this to the role to compliment his PIM knowledge and experience.


Feel free to contact James via james.whateley@proplanet.uk or +44 7398 927304