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Catalogs, brochures and flyers

LeafLet is a software program for cross-media publishing. It functions over different formats and media and is a cost saving and time saving program. The catalogs and sales supporting materials are produced with the latest database as the source. This way customers always get the most up-to-date prices, specifications and availability.

leaflet in 5 steps

LeafLet biedt dezelfde flexibiliteit en mogelijkheden als een Desktop Publishing (DTP)-programma.


  1. Create templates and connect with DataProcessor and AutoPub. Leaflet offers all possibilities and flexibility of a DTP (Desktop Publishing) program.
  2. LeafLet creates the catalogs from the templates by importing the data and adding the necessary pages. Filters detect any bad or missing data.
  3. Manual adaptation and finishing: Certain modifications can be made to documents made by LeafLet, such as swapping, inserting or deleting products. All these operations trigger an immediate update of the rest of the catalog. Each page can be adapted manually, independent from the rest.
  4. LeafLet creates a DTP-file to print the catalog.
  5. From the structure in AutoPub it is easy to generate an index by keyword or brand

advantages leaflet

  • Speeds up the general catalog production cycle
  • Produces (partial) catalogs instantly
  • User friendly and cost saving
  • Clear and convincing page-setting
  • Always up-to-date product information

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