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The Proplanet PIM is fully equipped for storing CCPI compliant product data

May 3, 2022

With the introduction of the CCPI early 2022, you as a building manufacturer might now be looking at the requirements for this new construction product information regulation and for systems to manage the additional product information that will be created to comply with CCPI.

What is the CCPI code? 

The Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) will help organisations drive higher standards in the presentation of construction product information, prioritising building safety. 

Whether written in a brochure, a presentation, on a website or social media, the CCPI will seek to provide assurance that users of product information have the necessary facts when making decisions about specifying or installing their verified products.

The CCPI seeks to ensure that product information is Clear, Accurate, Up-to-date, Accessible and Unambiguous. The code consists of eleven clauses which cover a wide range of matters on the subject of product information. The full code can be downloaded here. 

How to manage CCPI compliant product information?

Organisations involved in the manufacturing or distribution of products used in the construction of buildings and structures in the UK can apply for CCPI verification. On the CCPI website you can find more information about the registration process. When signing up to the Code for Construction Product Information there will be a significant amount of additional product data required and a sign off process for creating Product Information.

The additional types of information required will include:

  • Certification
  • Classification
  • Handling
  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Disposal

The Proplanet PIM (Product Information Management) is a system where all your CCPI information can be stored, along with document flows to comply with the CCPI regulations.

Distribution of CCPI approved product information

The Proplanet PIM does not only allow you to store your CCPI approved product information, but this information can also be shared across websites, feeds and other online channels dynamically. This will ensure all your product data is accurate and consistent across all digital channels as soon as product information changes have been made and signed off.

What's more: as a user of the Proplanet PIM solution you can not only manage CCPI data, but our PIM system also supports ETIM, GS1 and UNSPSC data classifications.

Do you need advice on how to structure your product data?

If you are looking to sign up to the CCPI and require a PIM to manage your product information, we can provide you with help and advice. Please contact our UK Sales Consultant, James Whateley, at james.whateley@proplanet.uk or on +44 7398 927304 to discuss your requirements.

We’re always happy to arrange a free demo of the Proplanet PIM so you can try out our software, see how it all works and explore the benefits it will bring to your business.