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Proplanet partners with Channel Studios Limited to provide new Autopub & Print module

March 3rd, 2022

Having your data structured using the Proplanet PIM, it’s an easy step to produce online and offline catalogues.

Proplanet has teamed up with product catalogue experts, Channel Studios, to create a Proplanet PIM module called Autopub & Print.

Proplanet customers can now opt to have a high-quality catalogue or brochure designed and printed to showcase their product ranges offline. The Autopub & Print module will also publish your high-quality artwork as a page-turning flip-book, including hyperlinks to your e-commerce - this might be as well as, or instead of, artwork for your printed catalogue.

Printed catalogues are the shop window for manufacturers and wholesalersWayne Jarvis - UK Business Developer Proplanet

Wayne Jarvis (right), Proplanet’s UK Business Developer, explains: “In today’s digital age, our primary focus tends to be on digitalised product information. However, printed catalogues have long been the shop window for manufacturers and wholesalers to market their products. Over the years, I’ve produced countless printed catalogues for B2B businesses, including a number of hefty tomes with 1,500 plus pages, multiple languages and currencies!

“Here at Proplanet, I still get frequent requests from clients who want a catalogue or glossy brochure to be designed and printed. Our new partnership with Channel Studios means we can offer our clients the option of the Autopub & Print module to their online Proplanet PIM, DAM, and eCommerce solutions. For manufacturers and wholesalers working with customer segments who still prefer to operate offline, this dual approach makes perfect sense.”

Why Proplanet chose to work with Channel Studios

Catalogue publishing is a skill in its own right – and not all design agencies are created equal. Proplanet chose to work with UK business Channel Studios on the strength of their 25 years of experience in product catalogue publishing, technical expertise and product information know-how. Boasting a broad, diverse client base and a great reputation, they’re a business that shares Proplanet's own values and culture of quality, reliability, and service.

Paul Duggleby (left), Director at Channel Studios, says: “We’re really pleased to be working with Proplanet as their product catalogue publishing partner. It’s a relationship that’ll benefit both our customer bases. We’re often asked if we know anyone who can help with product information management challenges such as product classification compatibility, data enrichment and issues relating to digitalisation. We can now point our customers in Proplanet’s direction for cost-effective, scalable PIM solutions and expert advice.”

An effective marketing tool

“Offline media still has a valid place in the marketing mix,” comments Wayne. “As already noted, I get regular requests for print catalogues – something which originates from our clients’ own customers – so the demand is there. Also, I think there’s something infinitely satisfying about holding a catalogue or brochure in your hands and flipping through the pages. For some people, the experience of browsing product details online simply can’t compare – that doesn’t mean they’re Luddites, though!”

Paul agrees, noting that a well-designed catalogue can do wonders for both brand awareness and market share. “Having a catalogue means you can put your product offering right there on a prospective customer’s desk, either by sending it through the post or taking it along to a sales meeting. This is highly effective from a marketing viewpoint, as you’re not leaving the discovery of your brand to chance. It’s a great way to speed up market access, acquire new accounts and increase both average order and customer lifetime values.”

Find out more

Get in touch today to find out how Proplanet and Channel Studios can help you create your page-turning catalogue. Call our UK Business developer, Wayne Jarvis, on +44 7485 403 918 or email wayne.jarvis@proplanet.uk.

For more information about Channel Studios, please visit www.channelstudios.co.uk.

Channel Studios offices at Manor Court, Ribchester