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Very fast article search engine

Customers in the webshop quit searching for product items if the search engine is to slow or does not show the desired results.

PowerFind is a Google like quick and intelligent search engine and can be integrated in each website with the associated design and is suitable for very large article files (over 1 million items).


PowerFind makes it possible to search for products on several levels. This varies from searching on keywords to searching on article numbers. With PowerFind articles are found easily, even without any previous knowledge of article numbers. PowerFind contributes to the user friendliness of the website and will improve turnover.

features powerfind

  • Make your product assortment on your website accessible to your customers
  • Type in your key words and Powerfind immediately shows all products
  • The search result is displayed per page
  • The search result can be refined on brand, series, product group and product features
  • PowerFind uses fuzzy-logic; words do not have to be typed in exactly
  • PowerFind uses synonyms (ProClass) which enlarges thet chance one finds the desired products
  • PowerFind lets your customer always choose from values that exist in the product database
  • With EasyLink wholesalers can link their product database directly with the online database of manufacturers
  • Alternative search in your WebShop on brand or according the product tree (AutoPub)
  • Compare search results based on product specifications 

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