Product information management

Managing big data of product information, especially in an online environment is a huge challenge for many organizations.

This is partly because storage and management of  product information is not yet systematically arranged by many organizations.

PIM solutions, sometimes also called Product Master Data Management, provide you the possibility to store all information accurate and up-to-date, resulting in a single version of the truth. Think of e.g. product descriptions, colors, dimensions, images, instructional videos and manuals.

Product Information Management is of fundamental and strategic importance for both manufacturers and wholesalers.

Advantages of the proplanet pim-system

  • better data quality
  • easier and better to find in search engines
  • higher conversion rates
  • more customer satisfaction
  • higher revenues
  • lead time reduction
  • lower data processing costs
  • less returns
  • lower costs due to system integration
  • one media neutral source for all product data
  • one system for all aspects of product management, catalog management and Internet on all devices
  • the use of consistent product information across all links in the distribution channel
  • managing product information in one language to publish in multiple languages
  • support multiple (inter) national classifications and exchange formats
  • knowledge of product management, publishing and web solutions

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