Configure your product, view in 3D and connect list of data with your ERP system

configurate your favorite product

With a tailor-made Product Configurator you sell through your website solutions, consisting of several related articles from your assortment.


Think of a fuse box: The Product Configurator allows your customers to easily assembly a complete cupboard. The smart software enables in an instant a list of all the related articles, calculates the price and places the items in the cart. The Product Configurator uses the article file in Data Processor and will always show the actual products.

In 5 steps to your product configurator

  1. Identify desired solution
  2. Compiling list of required items
  3. Visualization with the help of a (technical) drawing
  4. Approval and price calculation
  5. Easy ordering via shopping cart and ordering function


  • Only the appropriate items displayed, and correctly aligned
  • A complete solution supplied without overlooking articles
  • Without searching access to all related articles
  • The composition of the product takes place automatically, so virtually no chance of error

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