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Dutch ICT company ProPlanet is specialized in data solutions and 3D technology and offers extensive knowledge of search processes in combination with design- and sales processes.


ProPlanet is also founder and specialist in ETIM classification. Knowledge and experience of Product Information Management Systems makes ProPlanet your ideal partner for big product data solutions.



Additionally ProPlanet has competences in the field of 3D solutions, which resulted in winning the prestigious VSK innovation award in 2006 with its 3D bathroom planner SaniNet.

business unit pims

This business unit focuses on Product Information Management Systems. If you want more information about PIM please click here.


Product Information Management is meant for all organizations in the trade chain that meet one of the following criteria:

  • Wide and / or large product assortment
  • Products with many and / or complex specifications
  • Much varying assortment (short product life cycle)
  • International operating organizations (several languages)
  • Successful e-business activities one would like to extend
  • Market pressure from customers to be able to order online
  • Market pressure from customers to supply product data according to one or several classifications and/or standards
  • Organizations with non uniform IT infra structure (e.g. the result of company takeovers)

PIMS schematically shown

PIMS schematically shown

pim as base for chain integration

Product Information Management originates at the producers'. The objective of PIM is that all following links in the in the chain can take over this information and enrich it with their own specific information. The Product Information Management System of ProPlanet makes this form of chain integration possible.

Business unit 3d

Already for many years ProPlanet is the proud provide of a 3D bathroom planner called SaniNet.

SaniNet Easy offers the quickest and easiest route to 3d bathroom design. Due to the simplicity of the program, no training is necessary.


With SaniNets' superior graphics a bathroom can be realistically designed together with the customer at the point of sale and therefore increase turnover and save time.


SaniNet Easy is specially developed for bathroom showrooms, installers with or without showrooms and home interior designers.

DataProcessor program for article data management
SaniNet 3d bathroom planner