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publish product information and ordering products

WebShop is an application designed for offering products online via a website. It is used by many companies as a source for information as well as an ordering module. Both the DataProcessor article file and the AutoPub catalogue file are directly applicable in WebShop.

Due to this the website is always up-to-date. With NetManager Pro (the content management system, part of the website) the website's general content and features can be maintained.


WebShop makes it possible to search for articles on several levels. This varies from searching on keywords to searching on article number.

In this way products are found easily, even without any previous knowledge of article numbers. A link with the back-office system is also possible. This way available articles, nett prices and other customer related data are directly accessible.

webshop offers you ..

  • A search engine (Powerfind) that finds products very fast on search specifications of choice. Among which product specifications, article numbers, order numbers, EAN-code, text, product series and brand
  • User can record (e.g. per project) the most ordered products (favorites lists)
  • Top 10-100 most ordered products over a certain period of time, sorted on i.a. total order, average order and number of times ordered
  • Product comparison which makes it possible to see the differences between products immediately
  • Searching for similar products with the same product specifications
  • Search for related products
  • Making and editing one or several orders at the same time. On product level the required number can be recorded and placed on one or several order lists (shopping cart concept)
  • Managing delivery addresses
  • Managing users within the customer’s organisation. Also, for each user authorisation can be granted
  • Downloading the assortment consistent with all formats and downloading documents such as PDF-files and Excel-sheets.
  • Deeplinking to manufacturers websites (link to a certain product on the website of a manufacturer/wholesaler)
  • Checking the minimum order purchase and packing units
  • When a link with the back-office is realised, customer specific files can be generated online as for instance condition files
  • Pick-up orders, uploading ICM-orders via website and order history

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